The upper stream of the river Kupa is an amazing butterfly valley. In this area, 500 species of butterflies are registered and the variety of diurnal butterflies particularly stands out (108), which makes 60% of Croatian butterfly flora.

Colorful, carefree and playful butterflies in flight remind of children who enjoy playing in intact green oasis, in the vicinity of which is the habitat of olms.

Butterflies do not like to be overly disturbed and are the most sensitive to changes in habitat. They are, therefore, a good reminder that nature should be left intact…


It is located in the canyon, beneath Skrad. It was declared, along with the Green Whirlpool, a geomorphological reserve and it covers an area of ​​200 hectares.

The reserve can be reached by arranged hiking trails, walking along the Curak stream or paved road by car.


Its spring is located at the bottom of a shallow cave whose entrance is surrounded by a series of vertical cliffs, along which a waterfall is running…

Green Whirlpool was named after the green color of water that occurs in the cave. All the way, walking along the beaten paths surrounded by beautiful intact nature, you will be accompanied by a slight murmur of water…


t is surrounded by a green clearing with tall confierous trees, which rise high above the white rocks, all in an area of ​​51 hectares, which takes your breath away..


The cave was accidentally discovered by Jakov Bolf Talijanetov.

The cave has 6 floors, of which 4 are open to the public.

The length of discovered part of the cave is 1179 m and it is 275 m deep.

The temperature within the cave ranges between 7-9 degrees.


The Risnjak massif, with the whiteness of its rocks, dominantly rose above the green mountain forests.

Stunning views spreading from 1528 m above sea level to the Kvarner Bay, Istria and the Julian Alps in neighboring Slovenia, will remain in the memory of every visitor.